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Hadar 2000 was established in 1982 and since

then has been managed by Isaac Daniely.

The factory is spread out over 5000 square
meters and is located by Israel's principle
highway, about a kilometer and a half

southern to Hadera ,on road number 4.

During its first years the factory dealt with sawing
logs from the forests of the factory and has acquired
a great knowledge in wood technologic. In 1995
the company stopped sawing logs and started
importing wood from various European countries.
In the meantime the company developed and in

the year 2000 became a limited public company.

Over the years the company acquired a lot of experience
and technical know how in surface manufacturing and
this expertise brings about many professional successes
and long term contracts and agreements with clients,
amongst which are included some of the large and senior
companies in the israeli market
During 2000 a decision was taken to manufacture surfaces
from stronger and more qualitative wood, in addition
to the manufacturing of surfaces from the various European
woods that the company used, and wood import from
all over the world at high standarts.
During recent years the company has doubled the production
of wood surfaces. When export laws were enforced, this
including disinfection of wood and its products, Hadar 2000
was authorized by the Ministry of Agriculture to disinfect and
delineate surfaces according to the ISPM15 standard , and
our mark is IL-103 . The disinfection is carried out by use
of Methyl Bromide gas (MB) or by heat treatment (HT),
furthermore, according to requirements it is also possible to
supply wood dried in the oven ( KD). Today the company
produces about 300,000 surfaces per year and holds
the ability to double production volume. The company
believes in keeping high quality standards of product
quality and is known for its quick response time and
devoted service, given to all clients, big as small, this can be
attest to by our loyal and long time clients that have
accompanied us from the eighties till now.

Road Number 4 Hadera Phone. 972-4-6339554, Fax. 972-4-6343735   P.O.B 67 TEL-MOND 40600

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